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Working from 10 countries, HAGAR is committed to the restoration of the lives of women and children that have been devastated by extreme human rights abuses, particularly human trafficking, gender-based violence and sexual exploitation.

Because of the deep trauma they have suffered, recovery doesn't come easy or quickly. But we stay on the course, empowering them with the means to bounce back and be able to live out your fullest potential, achieving their dreams for the future.

Providing a suite of services ranging from trauma-informed counselling, protection, education, economic empowerment, and reintegration, the ultimate objective is to help them build their self-worth, strengthen their resilience, and put them on the path to self-sustainability. Breaking the cycle of exploitation and violence is crucial so that they will not suffer re-exploitation again.

In Singapore, HAGAR is a registered charity. On top of giving funding support to the recovery and empowerment programmes in Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Afghanistan, we also provide direct recovery and resettlement services to women and girls trafficked into our country for sexual and labour exploitation. Following the conclusion of their court hearings, we assist them in their transition home and assist them with continuous educational and employment support even when they are back in their home country.

When you give, you enable:

healing for women and children who have survived deeply-traumatic abuses and exploitative conditions;

protection and safe refuge from their perpetrators, and a place to find rest;

legal assistance to prepare them for what to expect in court so they are emotionally ready and not subjected to re-traumatisation;

access to education and nutrition for children who live in impoverished families and who have missed out on their elementary learning;

economic stability and job placements so they can earn a livelihood to support themselves and their families;

reintegration to the local community of their choice so they can live on their own again.

Website: www.hagar.org.sg
Phone number: 69093351
Email: singapore@hagarinternational.org

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