Ending Modern Slavery

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SGD 25.00

raised of SGD 7,000.00 goal

40 million in modern slavery. 152 million in child labour. Wow! It’s easy to get lost in the figures and give up saying it’s too big a problem. I’ll never make a dent.

But for me, one life is enough to get a move on. Saving that one, making a difference in that one person, helping one survivor put together the fragments and re-envisioning their dream for their family, their village, their community, their nation, their people – that is the ripple wave effect that I see in every individual who stands up again.

For the woman who sees me as her friend in Singapore and calls me whenever she needs help. Let’s call her Tamara. She was tricked into a job that demanded grueling hours, starved, put up in a shabby decrepit residence and beaten if she did not comply, all I do whenever we meet is to find out how things are at home and how her family is doing. She bites back her lip and works hard to earn money to send back for her children’s education fees and despite the hardship, she is able to laugh and trust people like me.

HAGAR helps women like Tamara, doing whatever it takes to empower them to live healed and whole lives. And I want to see Tamara go back home a renewed woman full of hope and ready to achieve her dreams.

In plain sight, look out for the signs of slavery and trafficking in your neighbourhood and alert your local authorities – you could be their only hope for escape!

I will be running to raise awareness of modern day slavery. And at the same time, I hope to raise $7,000. Every dollar will go towards HAGAR’s work so join me to take action to bring freedom and hope to people like Tamara!

More updates coming soon!