STOP Violence Against Afghan Women and Girls

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SGD 24,101.00

raised of SGD 90,000.00 goal

Hagar Singapore Ltd is a Charity Staff of the beneficiary.

This is an urgent appeal for the Afghan women and girl victims under HAGAR's care. The needs of this vulnerable group may not be close to your heart now but hopefully you would take some time to read the rest of this story.

Since 2008 when HAGAR started working in Afghanistan to restore the broken lives of Afghan women and children, it has been a perennial challenge engaging public compassion and support for this marginalised group. With ongoing media headlines picturing destruction wrought by wars, insurgencies and terror attacks, it inevitably raises doubts in people's minds, "Why should anyone care about this country?".

At HAGAR, we see our role in Afghanistan as one of Rebuilding.

It is unfortunate that Afghan women still suffer the horrors of violence and abuse in the country - Women are targets of violence, innocent girls are beaten to death by mobs, women doused in acid in public.

For this purpose, HAGAR operates a shelter named Transitional Care Centre (TCC) in Kabul city to house and restore women who have survived some of the most extreme forms of violence, providing them with rehabilitation, education, employment opportunities and reintegration options that are long-term and sustainable.

Maryam, 20, had never met her parents. Adopted since birth, Maryam was raped multiple times by her uncle and a family friend. In her teens, she was forced to marry a man who abused her physically and sexually every day. Desperate, she finally sought help from HAGAR.

Maryam's circumstances are not unique; all of HAGAR's beneficiaries have suffered brutal violence and sexual exploitation of similar kind. Physical safety is a huge priority now. HAGAR is working on tightening security systems  to protect beneficiaries and staff from the heightened kidnapping threats.

This year, funding to the HAGAR TCC is at an all-time low. Currently, we are short of about $90,000 to cover the needs of the services to our beneficiaries. We have only 3 months left.

Will you consider putting aside what you may know about Afghanistan, and take a look at these innocent Afghan children through the eyes of love - every child deserves a chance to survival, and opportunities to a dignified, empowered life.

Thank you in advance for your kind donation. Be the miracle that these victimised women and children need by making an urgent gift of $50, $100 or $200.

More updates coming soon!